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In-Home Wine Experiences

If you're looking for a unique way to spend an evening with your friends, we have the perfect solution!


Our In-Home Wine Experiences are designed to be a fun, low-key way for groups of people to learn about wine and drink wine together. Whether it's date night or birthday party, we can accommodate any size group with our selection of themed experiences.

WineVentures will come to your home and create a customized tasting experience that is perfect for you and your friends. 

California The Golden State Shines.jpeg

The Golden State Shines

A learning and sipping trip around the Golden State includes Napa, Sonoma, and Santa Barbara wines, and many places in between! The history of local grape growing, some cool fun facts, add in a little trivia competition, and just like that, you and your group are basking in a golden wine glow! Cowabunga!

Vive La France!
All Things French

After this class, you and your group will absolutely understand why French wine is considered the Gold Standard! We’ll begin with sipping Champagne (of course) and meander our way through Burgundy, the Loire Valley, Bordeaux and the Rhone. While we’re at it, we’ll discuss some history, throw in some fun facts, perhaps a little trivia action, and voila, your French savvy is on a whole new level! Ooo la la!

Vive La France All Things French.jpeg
Ciao Bella Italian Wines.jpeg

Ciao, Bella! Italian Wines and Why We Love Them

Che bello! It’s Old World at its best as we drink our way up and down the boot! After we sip some Prosecco, we’ll dive in with some Pinot Grigio, a little Chianti, perhaps some Valpolicello and mama mia, we are imagining ourselves along the Amalfi Coast! We’ll cover a little history, add in fun facts, have a trivia match, and best of all, your Italian wine chops just got grandisimo!

Cabernet Sauvignon…
The King of Grapes

When it comes to THE wine that is the MUST HAVE, Cabernet is the one! From its French origins, to the New World expressions of Napa and Chile, all the way down under to Australia, we’ll leave no stone unturned in this exploration of a wine that never ceases to amaze. We love to talk a few fun facts, debunk some myths, and let’s not forget about the popular trivia games we play! Yes, we’ll have another glass please!

Cabernet Sauvignon.jpeg
Burgundy Vineyards.jpeg

The Burgundians

Burgundy? Really? You betcha! Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Gamay are all from Burgundy, and it’s our job to let you in on the glory of one of the wine world’s most fabulous regions. After this class, the mad rush to your local wine shop will be led by your group! We’ll sip Chablis, Cote de Beaune, Cote d’Or, Beaujolais, and more ! Our class includes defining wine terminology, debunking some myths and having a trivia competition! The fun awaits!

Wine 102 
Beyond the Basics

Our 102 class takes us on a deeper dive into the little-known history of how wine got where it is today, some of the super-interesting key players, how wine is made (from the harvest to the bottle), how long we can age wines, and so very much more. Many of your questions will be answered in this session, and it never hurts to learn while we SIP! And we won’t forget to play some trivia! 

Wine 102.jpeg
Wine 103.jpeg

Wine 103
The Business of Wine

Ever wonder why a wine can cost only $5 a bottle, while others can cost $100…or more? How about what kind of money it takes to even start a vineyard? What goes into managing a winery, operating a wine bar or retail shop, and the marketing strategies involved? We’ll discuss the above – and so much more – while we SIP. And we’ll toss in some fun facts, some history, and the ever-popular trivia game! 

Break Out the Bubbles!

Whether it’s a celebration, an anniversary, the christening of your new yacht, or just if it’s Tuesday, there’s a sparkling wine for ANY occasion! Come with us as we learn about what constitutes a sparkling wine, how it’s made, what to look for, and the history of the more famous names on the market. Naturally we’ll sip as we go, latch on to some fun facts, learn some wine terms, play some trivia…whew! Let’s crack one open now!

Break Out The Bubbles.jpeg
De Snobication of Wine.jpeg

The De-Snobification
of Wine

Everyone knows someone who wears the Wine Snob label proudly. Well...good for them! And guess what? We can get there, too. All those things we see the snobs do have a reason and it’s our job to get to the bottom of WHY. We’ll sniff and swirl and sip until we can finally proclaim our snobbery. And of course, we’ll learn the right words, memorize some fun facts, play some trivia and admire ourselves in the mirror!

Wine & Chocolate
The Perfect Pairing!

Ok, where do we sign up? 4 different chocolates, 8 different wines, and an endless amount of fun just being decadent as hell. A few fun facts about wine and chocolate, a little learning about terminology just to make things legit, some trivia action…this thing could get out of control.

Wine and Chocolate.jpeg
Wine and Cheese.jpeg

Wine & Cheese
The Match Made in Heaven

So, you know about wine. And you know about cheese…or do you? Our task is to get us all the way there on this topic, and we are just the crew to do it! Why does this pairing work? Which ones go best? Do I have to share? We’ll answer all that, as well as grasping some of the wine terms, go back in time for some history, ask some trivia questions…add it all up and you get one hell of a day!

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