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How far will WineVentures travel to conduct an In-Home Experience?

Our home base of San Luis Obispo allows a range that covers the California Central Coast from as far north as Monterey, as far south as Santa Barbara, to as far east as Fresno, with no extra travel fees added. Anywhere further from there will be subject to additional travel fees, depending on distance.

How much do you charge for each of your services?

In-Home Experiences are $15 per attendee, or $250, whichever is greater. Each person over age 21 is considered an attendee.

Corporate Events are priced according to size and scope of the event, and may also include travel and accommodation fees.

Contact us for specifics.

Public and Private Class pricing are typically set by the hosting venue. Contact us for specifics.

Do the per-attendee fees you charge include the wine?

No. The wines are provided by the host/venue.

What is your cancellation policy?

A seven-day cancellation is required to avoid being charged the minimum fee for your event

Does WineVentures sell the wine to me for the classes and events?

No. We are not a retailer or distributor of wine so we cannot sell wine, by law. We can, however, offer assistance in selecting wines for each event that can truly set your event up for success. 

Can WineVentures accompany me to a local wine shop to help me select my wines?

If the event is nearby us and we are available to do so, yes! We'd be happy to peruse the aisles and help pick the right wines for your event. At the same time, we'll help establish relationships with each retailer that might - might - get us a discount here and there!

My company has 250 people attending our conference. Can WineVentures handle that many?

Of course! We will need to bring in some professional help, of course, but given enough advance notice, chances are pretty good we can put together a tremendous experience! Contact us for more details.

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